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Executive Search

The process of Executive Search involves following stages:-

  1. Need Assessment: Thorough analysis of the job description, job specification and KRA’s of the requirement.
  2. Prospective Candidate Identification: Identifying potential candidates through industry research, using the expertise of our internal database, personal references, contacts, headhunting and executive search.
Career Management
Career management is a process of planning and counselling that shapes the progression of an individual within an organization in accordance with the organizational needs and objectives.
Recruitment assessment
This is a skills assessment tool to provide a quantifiable and more objective selection process through candidate interview & evaluation by assessing the technical competencies, interest level and aptness for the given vacancy through preliminary interviews by senior HR consultants. It also assesses candidate’s personality, leadership style to examine his suitability to the client’s culture.
Workforce Consulting
Advising the organization on HR plans and processes in the best possible way so that the organizations derive efficient businesses by implementing the specialist advise provided by manpower consultants.
Staffing is the function of recruitment, screening and selection process performed in an organization to fulfil their hiring needs through presentation of shortlisted candidates to the client by Manpower consultants. In this process post preliminary interview taken by the manpower agencies, a summarized report elaborating the feedback and findings would be submitted to the client. Post which, complete co-ordination is done for client-candidate interview process and once the candidate gets selected, assistance on offer is done in negotiating the terms of employment prior to the formal written offer. Reference checks would be carried out (both those provided by the candidate and our third party references) as & when demanded. Post appointment, interaction to ensure candidate’s successful integration into an organization.
Background Verification
This is the process of verifying or authenticating the information provided by an applicant to an employer in his or her resume, interviews and references.